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Properly Updating Your Will Or Trust

You may not realize the value in hiring an experienced lawyer to make changes to your will or trust. When clients ask why they need an attorney, we help them understand the gravity of the decisions they are making and the possibility of litigation, should the update not meet legal standards. A single mistake in a will or trust can cause unnecessary emotional and financial stress on your family after you are gone.

Contact our attorneys at the Mullin Law Firm if you are going to make a change to your will or trust. We can efficiently assist you in any updates and help you avoid litigation. Call our law Firm in Concord and Walnut Creek at 925-852-6014 to arrange a consultation.

We Put The Needs Of Your Family First

As the saying goes, if there’s one thing certain in life, it’s that nothing is certain. Circumstances can change — people drift away, pass away and have changes of heart. Children and grandchildren are born, and divorces and remarriages happen. There are all kinds of reasons why someone may wish to update a trust or estate plan.

With the help of our knowledgeable attorneys, you can update your trust or will to meet legal requirements and have greater peace of mind that your desires will be carried out in the future, free of contest.

If you are considering making a change to a will or trust, speak to a lawyer with experience in estate planning matters. Scratching out a line or penciling in a new name will not suffice in a court of law.

Is Your Estate Plan Up-To-Date?

Call our Concord attorneys at 925-852-6014 or contact us online. We are committed to proving responsive service to our clients. Someone will always be available to answer your questions and provide you with quality legal guidance in a timely manner.