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Limited Conservatorships In California

Taking care of a loved one with a developmental disability can be a challenging responsibility that requires lots of patience and understanding. Fortunately, California allows families to establish limited conservatorships, providing a legal framework to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in managing their personal affairs while still preserving their autonomy to the fullest extent possible.

At Mullin Law Firm, we have over 45 years of experience assisting families with the establishment of limited conservatorships in Concord and across California. We provide comprehensive legal support to ensure the protection and well-being of individuals with developmental disabilities, while also respecting their rights and dignity.

What Is A Limited Conservatorship?

A limited conservatorship is a court proceeding in which the court appoints a responsible person as the limited conservator to care for a person who has a developmental disability, called a limited conservatee.

The powers given to the limited conservator may include the power to decide where the conservatee will live, look at the conservatee’s medical records, make medical decisions, and give or withhold consent for marriage or other social contacts.

How Can Mullin Law Firm Assist With Limited Conservatorships?

The Mullin Law Firm can assist families in establishing a limited conservatorship, helping ensure legal compliance and advocating for the individual’s best interests.

Our Concord limited conservatorship attorneys leverage our extensive experience and deep understanding of California’s legal system to provide families with compassionate guidance and effective representation throughout the limited conservatorship process, helping ensure the protection and well-being of their loved ones with developmental disabilities.

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