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Common mistakes executors make

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2023 | Concord Probate & Estate Administration Law Blog |

Being named the executor of a person’s estate in California is a difficult job. However, knowing your responsibilities can help you better understand what’s expected of the role. These are some common mistakes executors make and how to avoid them.

Not understanding the role

It’s crucial to accept the role of executor while understanding what you’re getting yourself into. You have the responsibility of ensuring that the decedent’s wishes are carried out as expressed in their will. Your role comes into play during the probate process; it can be emotional and time-consuming. Not understanding all this when you’re offered the role is a mistake some executors make.

Not being organized

As an executor, you have many responsibilities and tasks to complete. This includes gathering and filing paperwork, gathering assets and preparing to sell the home. You must also know what each beneficiary stands to receive once it’s time for inheritances to be distributed. If you aren’t organized, you can’t effectively perform the job ahead of you.

Failing to stay in contact with beneficiaries

Executors must remain in regular contact with beneficiaries. They may have questions about how things are progressing and what issues might potentially arise. Staying in contact with them ensures that you can keep them updated on what to expect; you can even explain what tasks still lie ahead before they receive their inheritances.

Failing to follow court instructions

As executor, you’re obligated to follow the law and the court’s instructions. You must also do everything in a timely manner so that the entire process can take place properly. There are protocols executors must abide by to ensure that everything proceeds by law.

Being an executor isn’t something to take lightly. If you’re up to the task, knowing how to serve the role effectively helps everyone.