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How can you set up conservatorship for an elderly loved one?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Conservatorships |

In California, you may find that an elderly loved one may no longer be able to manage their own affairs. If they have become incapacitated, you might want to set up a conservatorship to protect them.

Why opt for conservatorship for a loved one?

Per elder law, you might want to set up a conservatorship for a loved one if their mental capacity has declined. If they can no longer make decisions for themselves, appointing a conservator might be the best thing for them. They can name someone or you might be able to choose someone trustworthy to manage their affairs and handle important decisions on their behalf. You can file a petition with the court to start the process.

Steps to take for setting up a conservatorship

Make sure you explore different types of conservatorship so that you can choose the best one for your loved one depending on their situation. A conservator of person is someone who makes medical decisions for an elderly person. A conservator of estate makes decisions about finances.

You can get the petition from your local county courthouse, law library or online. Select the type of conservatorship your elderly loved one needs. You can even choose both and appoint yourself. However, whether you choose yourself or another person, you must identify yourself as the petitioner and include all your loved one’s information.

According to elder law, when choosing a conservator, whether it’s you or another person, you should include the relationship to the loved one. You must also list all of the living relatives of your loved one, their relationship to them and their addresses.

After you have signed and dated the petition, submit it to the clerk of the probate court. A hearing will be scheduled. You should also inform your elderly loved one of the conservatorship petition. A copy of the document will later be given to them. Once conservatorship has been established for your loved one, you can get peace of mind that they will be in good hands.