30 Years Of Resolving Business Disputes

No matter how successful a business may be, a serious dispute with a vendor, partner, distributor or customer can derail operations. If you are a business owner or operator in Contra Costa County, Alameda County or Solano County, California, and are involved a dispute, schedule a initial consultation with a business litigation attorney at the Mullin Law Firm in Concord and Walnut Creek.

For more than 35 years, business owners have trusted the Mullin Law Firm for our experience and skills in resolving business disputes. We achieve our goal of providing expert advocacy by seeking the most effective, cost-effective solutions. Often litigation can be avoided by using alternative resolution strategies such as mediation or arbitration. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation or arbitration, you have an experienced, knowledgeable team of trial lawyers on your side, with decades of successful courtroom experience.

We have over three decades of experience with:

  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Landlord-tenant disputes and litigation
  • Employment contract litigation
  • Breach of warranties and service agreements
  • Property disputes
  • Partner and shareholder disputes, investor litigation

Saving Time And Money Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Nothing can be more damaging to a business's bottom line than a lawsuit that goes to court. Business law attorney Ronald Mullin is a trained, experienced mediation professional who can help you and the opposing party find points of agreement as you work toward resolving the matter out of court. Mediation is a nonbinding solution that guides parties toward effective solutions. If the matter is already in court, a final settlement agreement between parties may be presented to the court to make the agreement an order of the court.

Arbitration is another way to resolve disputes out of court. Both parties agree to an independent arbitrator to make a decision regarding the case. In certain circumstances at the request of the parties, the arbitrator may also serve in a consulting role to explain the legal issues and help steer negotiations. The parties present their final evidence and the arbitrator makes a decision on the case, rendering an arbitration award. If the parties have agreed to binding arbitration, the arbitrator's final decision may be presented as the court judgment. In nonbinding arbitration, either party may use the arbitrator's decision as guidance to determine whether to pursue further action in court.

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