Effectively Resolving Disputes Through Arbitration

Sometimes, parties cannot reach a mutually agreeable resolution to a dispute, but don't wish to proceed to court for a time-consuming and expensive trial. Enlisting the services of an experienced arbitration professional may be the right solution. Ronald K. Mullin of the Mullin Law Firm in Concord and Walnut Creek, California, offers experienced arbitration services for parties throughout Contra Costa County, Alameda County and Solano County, California.

The Arbitration Process

The arbitration process begins with all parties agreeing to retain the services of an independent arbitrator. Arbitration can be either private and binding, meaning that the arbitrator's decision is final, or judicial, which means that the arbitrator's decision can be rejected and any party can ask for a trial de novo in court.

If the parties agree on a private and binding arbitration, the arbitrator will hear the matter and make rulings on evidentiary objections and perhaps rule on specific issues throughout the sessions. The two parties present evidence and the arbitrator makes an award. The arbitrator is charged with rendering a true award based on the evidence, as opposed to a compromise award. The arbitrator will consult notes taken during the hearing, the documentary evidence and other exhibits as well as any legal arguments submitted by the attorneys. If the arbitration is a judicial arbitration, the arbitrator goes through the same process, but the arbitrator's award can be rejected by any party by asking for a trial de novo, in which case the matter will proceed to trial in Superior Court.

Why Arbitration?

Arbitration is often the shortest route to an out-of-court resolution. Parties are putting their trust in a knowledgeable, experienced arbitrator such as Ronald K. Mullin who understands the litigation and arbitration process. By keeping the dispute out of court, parties can save thousands of dollars in court costs and attorneys fees, while likely arriving at the same result that would come out of a trial.

Arbitration is a cost-effective way to resolve a wide range of disputes between individuals in a family or business relationship, including:

  • Will and trust disputes
  • Probate and estate administration disputes
  • Disputed conservatorship petitions
  • Disputes regarding powers of attorney
  • Business litigation and partnership disputes
  • Disputes between nonprofit board members and business executives
  • Civil litigation, property disputes and personal injury cases
  • Disputed lease agreements

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